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Cavities are a common issue that many patients experience. Essentially, a cavity is tooth decay, which is often caused by poor dental hygiene. Dental restoration is needed to save the tooth from infection and loss. There are different materials that a patient can choose. Oftentimes, it is between amalgam and tooth-colored resin.

Detecting cavities early on is key. Learn more about dental fillings and contact us to schedule a consultation.

What Causes Cavities?

Cavities or tooth decay are often caused by poor dieting and dental hygiene. For instance, sugar is known to cause decay. Likewise, those who do not brush their teeth often or floss are likely to develop tooth decay. For this reason, maintaining proper dental health is essential. Patients should also be visiting their dentist regularly for exams and cleanings.

Why Should I Fill My Cavities?

Tooth decay is progressive. Left untreated, the decay will continue to affect the tooth and spread to other teeth. This can also cause infection which often requires a root canal. In short, a root canal procedure removes the infected tooth pulp and eliminates the bacteria. It is always recommended to treat issues as soon as they are detected to avoid extensive dental work.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a restorative procedure that fills in cavities. Doing so prevents the decay from worsening and bacterial buildup. Left untreated, tooth infections are likely to occur. If so, a root canal procedure is often recommended to save the tooth.

Years ago, patients had limited options for filling in the cavity. Amalgam was the popular choice for durability and price. However, amalgam is known to darken over time which can cause patients to feel insecure about their smile. Now patients can choose an alternative approach with tooth-colored resin.

Tooth-colored resin is a composite resin material that is matched with your smile. Your cavity is filled flawlessly for the most natural-looking results. The material is just as durable too!

How Do I Care For My Dental Fillings? 

Caring for your dental fillings is simple. Brush and floss your teeth as recommended by your dentist. Prevent new cavities from forming by maintaining at-home care and visiting the dentist. Likewise, limit sugary and acidic foods and beverages. Instead, choose a healthier diet and drink plenty of water.

Can Tooth-Colored Fillings Cover My Old Fillings?

Patients with existing amalgam fillings can use tooth-colored resin to cover them. Simply request a consultation to learn more about this cosmetic procedure.

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