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Dental bridges are a great option to close the gap between teeth. If you have a tooth on both sides of a gap or one tooth on at least one side, you may be eligible to have a bridge. Dental bridges are consist of dental crowns at each end with a pontic tooth in the middle.

A dental bridge may be recommended to replace missing teeth. Learn more below and contact us today.

Type of Dental Bridges


The traditional bridge can be used when there is one missing tooth.  A natural tooth must be on both sides of the gap. A crown is cemented into both of the teeth. They are called abutment teeth. The bridge is placed in the middle and is affixed to both teeth. 


This works the same way as a traditional bridge. The only difference is you need an abutment tooth on one side of the gap and not both sides. The crown is affixed to the abutment tooth.


A Maryland bridge is similar to a traditional bridge in that an abutment tooth is needed on both sides.  Instead of an abutment tooth, a framework made of porcelain is used typically or metal.


In this case, implants are used instead of supporting teeth. This happens when a person does not have supporting teeth in the area needed. These are the strongest you can have. The process however is more invasive and will require two surgeries. The implants are surgically placed first and then the bridge.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges have many benefits. They are simple and unless they are implant-supported do not need any surgery. They take only a couple of weeks to complete the process. They are the most affordable option. Lastly, dental bridges can last about 5 to 7 years.

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