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It is time to change the way we think of root canal treatments. In fact, this procedure is as comfortable as a dental filling. Most patients are surprised at how simple and painless root canal treatments are. That’s because modern technology and new methods have been implemented to assure patients receive the best dental care.

In brief, a root canal treatment is often recommended to remove bacteria and infection from a tooth’s pulp. This procedure helps save the tooth and alleviate the pain associated with infection. Learn about root canal treatments below and contact us today.

What Is A Tooth Infection?

A tooth infection occurs when bacteria has entered the tooth and reached the pulp. This can occur from severe decay or tooth damage. When the pulp becomes affected, the tooth and gum become painful. Left untreated, the pain can intensify and tooth loss is likely to occur. Fortunately, root canal treatments are often recommended to save and restore the tooth.

What To Expect During A Root Canal 

Root canals are routine procedures. The dentist will give an anesthetic to numb the area. Then, they will proceed with opening the root canals through tiny chambers made during the process. The infected pulp will be removed and the root canals cleaned. The dentist will then seal the tooth and attach a dental crown to further protect the tooth. 

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It is advised that patients continue maintaining good dental health to protect their teeth. Tooth decay can occur to patients of all ages. Preventing decay and other dental issues are your best form of protection against infection and gum disease. Learn more about root canal treatments and proper dental care with a consultation.

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