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Pediatric Dentistry Hartford

Many children develop a fear of the dentist and this prevents them from receiving proper oral health care. In fact, many parents are not aware that their child does need to see a dentist before their teenage years. For this reason, it is important to take your child to a dentist.  At Dental Smiles of Hartford, our team is used to working with children and we assure you that they will be comfortable. Learn more about pediatric dentistry below and contact us today.

Oral Health Recommendations for Children

We recommend that children go to the dentist by their first birthday. When your child has their new teeth, even the first tooth should be taken care of. These are their primary set and they’ll have them for a long time. For instance, teeth start to form from around 6 months to age 3. Sore gums are normal throughout this time, which is why children may seem fussier during this age period. Eventually, they will lose their primary teeth throughout childhood. Permanent or secondary teeth begin emerging around age 6 and continue until age 21.

Maintaining Healthy Dental Care

Examine the teeth every 2 weeks. Look for signs of decay. This can be seen by discoloration. Sugary foods and liquids are bad for new teeth. The child must form a habit of brushing after eating.  Twice a day is the minimum.  As soon as the first tooth is visible, the child should be brushing it. Don’t neglect the rest of the mouth as the gums must be massaged by a soft toothbrush for circulation.  Additionally, a pea sized amount of toothpaste is recommended. If your child is under 2, do not allow fluoride toothpaste.  Tooth flossing should begin when your dentist advises you to do so. Dental visits every 6 months are recommended and fluoride treatments twice per year is the typical recommendation. 

Sealants and Mouth Guards

Sealants protect the back molars from decay as these teeth are difficult to clean. Your child may be recommended for sealants when they get older. Mouthguards may also be recommended if your child plays contact sports. We recommend a custom-fit mouthguard to assure the best protection.

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