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Replacing missing teeth is important to maintain good oral health. Patients that are missing several or all teeth may be recommended for dentures. Fortunately, dentures are custom-made and appear more natural than before. This is because modern technology has made many improvements to dentures. 

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What Are Dentures?

In brief, dentures are removable mouth appliances that replace missing teeth. Dentures no longer come in a one-size-fits-all fashion. You can remedy your situation with partial or full removable dentures. Some work in tandem with bridges. What you receive will be determined at the time of the dental exam. 

Dentures are made from plastic resin. They are fitted over the original gum line. They are shaped in a way that suction is created and that is how they stay in place. In the case of the top section of the mouth, a plate will hold that in place and keep it sturdy.

Immediate Dentures

Sometimes, we have to have temporary dentures. Tooth extractions can warrant a temporary denture placement. Once the healing is completed the implants or whatever option you need can take place. This makes it easier for you to adjust to new teeth without the inconvenience of having missing teeth for long.

Conventional Full Dentures

These dentures are permanent. These will be made to look like your natural teeth as much as possible. They will be placed in the mouth via implantation into the bone. The top portion of the mouth will take more implants because it has more bone density.

Types of Partial Dentures

Transitional Partial Dentures

These are the dentures that are placed during a time of healing from a tooth extraction or other similar dental work.

Removable Partial Dentures

Commonly called RPD’s, they are metal-based dentures made from cast Vitallium. These are the least expensive of the options. They tend to fit very well.

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