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Dental crowns are a multipurpose dental function. They can be used to improve the cosmetic function of your teeth as well as to prevent health issues from damaged teeth. Learn more about dental crowns below and contact Dental Smiles of Hartford.

What Is A Dental Crown and When Do You Need One?

In short, dental crowns are custom-made caps that appear and function like teeth. They are commonly used to correct damaged and worn teeth. Additionally, patients may consider them to improve the appearance of a tooth. 

Patients with weakened and damaged teeth are commonly recommended for dental crowns. The crown reinforces the tooth and makes it stronger. It can also make the uniformity of your mouth look better. If you have chipped teeth a crown may also be suggested. Some people will grind their teeth from stress or in their sleep and over time will cause the bite to be uneven. This can also cause TMJ, a painful jaw condition that you don’t want as it can interfere with speaking and chewing.

Dental Crowns Materials

There are several materials that a crown can be made from. 

  • Composite Resin
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Metal and Gold alloys

Each of these materials come at different price points. The dentist will consult with you after an examination of your mouth to determine what type is best for you. There are several factors considered in the process.

  • The location of the tooth
  • Color of the tooth
  • Does the tooth show in a smile?
  • How healthy is the gum tissue?

If the tooth is in a prominent place like the front and shows when you smile, ceramic may be suggested as it is easily blendable. Metal alloys may be used on teeth that you chew with because you want strength and resilience there. 

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Your dental crown procedure will be customized to assure you the best results. Learn more by contacting Dental Smiles of Hartford. Call (860) 956-5555 or book an appointment online here.

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