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Your dentist will do whatever it takes to save a tooth from extraction. However, sometimes you just can not avoid it. There are many reasons why tooth extraction may be the best method. Trauma and decay are two of the top reasons that your dentist may suggest extraction. The other common reasons are impacted wisdom teeth that may lead to pain and infection. Overall, the main point is to preserve your oral health and not just the tooth. 

Oral surgery is a common service performed in dentistry. Learn more about oral surgery below and contact Dental Smiles of Hartford today.

Oral Surgery Process

Tooth extraction is performed by an oral surgeon. Often is the tooth is not impacted, the tooth can be pulled easily. However, if it is impacted, it may need to be removed in pieces. Dental X-rays are often required for the surgeon to understand the tooth structure and placement. X-rays also display the surrounding structures and location of the root.

Once the tooth is out of the socket, the area is covered with sterilized gauze to control any bleeding. If the oral surgeon sees fit, they will stitch the area to promote healing. Pain meds can be taken but no more than Ibuprofen is needed. Soft foods will be recommended as the soreness is likely to be experienced.

Your oral surgeon will also advise you on more post-treatment care. Feel free to contact them if any questions or concerns arise. 

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As mentioned above, wisdom teeth are the most common reason why patients visit an oral surgeon. Contact us to learn more about teeth extraction and how our oral surgeon can further assist. Call (860) 956-5555 or book an appointment online here.

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